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6 more games leave Game Pass


6 games get removed from Game Pass

We’ve come to expect the changes to ring out as the months end. But it never gets easier when we find games leaving the Game Pass service. Today, 6 more Xbox and PC games up and shift out, with a couple of those games being right up there as must-players.  

What games are leaving Game Pass?

Game Pass is the Netflix-styled subscription service that powers millions of Xbox gamers and their sessions. For a small monthly fee, anyone with a Game Pass subscription can get access to more than one hundred of the finest Xbox games. Those games are then playable – in full – for as long as the subscription lasts. Or at least, until the big dogs at Xbox HQ deem their time to be up. 

With Xbox Game Pass Core in place too, there is next to no reason to not be able to get access to some of the biggest Game Pass titles across the land. And yes, Starfield is releasing into Game Pass real soon. 

In order to make way for that behemoth from Bethesda, space needs to be cleared. And in Game Pass terms, that means titles have to be removed from the service. Today, 6 games are lost. At least until they are put back in again further down the line. 

Immortality (Cloud, Console, PC)

Immortality released a year ago to much acclaim – even if it was hard to distinguish it as a ‘game’. 

From the prolific Sam Barlow (previous Telling Lies fame), Immortality had players trawling through three lost films, all in hope of discovering the secrets within. 

It’s a game that we loved, dropping a 4/5 review score onto it at the time. With mysteries to solve and about enough footage to keep you going for evening after evening, Immortality was prime Sam Barlow stuff. We even gave personal guarantees that you would like it…

I guarantee you will have never played anything like Immortality. It’s a compelling enigma, but one I am glad to have had the privilege to soak up and enjoy.

Black Desert (Cloud and Console)

You know those huge MMORPG experiences that suck you in forevermore? Yeah, that’s Black Desert. 

Black Desert first launched on Xbox back in 2019 coming complete with much hype. In fact, our review of Black Desert on Xbox spoke of how this could well have been an ‘incredible MMO experience’. But honestly, we found it to be a little bit of a letdown from there on out – a lackluster tale, uninspiring quests, bland characters. 

Of course, as a live service styled affair, Black Desert would have moved on massively since those early days. After all, it’s been some four years since we ran the review process. And for that reason alone, it may well be one that you consider your go-to in times of need. 

Whilst Black Desert moves out of Game Pass today, you can still pick it up from the Xbox Store if you need to continue your addiction. 

Commandos 3 – HD Remaster (Cloud, Console, PC)

Ready for a battle? It’s exactly that which Commandos 3 – HD Remaster delivers. 

A Kalypso Media game (that should tell you about the quality of this one), Commandos 3 first rocked up for battle way back in 2003. But it’s the HD Remaster that we are chatting about here and now, having been reworked and remastered for a new generation of gamer. 

Another that landed straight into Game Pass on Day One back in 2022, this real-time strategy caller has you fighting back against the Germans, as you look to survive the storming of Normandy. 

Special units, multiple iconic campaigns and tons of story-driven missions fill our Commandos 3 – HD Remaster. There’s even multiplayer action too!

“If you are looking for a challenging strategy type game and are prepared to put up with an annoying camera system, you’ve found it in Commandos 3 – HD Remaster. It provides a decent challenge, but if you like that and have the patience of a saint, this could be right up your strasse.”

Nuclear Throne (Cloud, Console, PC)

Like a roguelike? Nuclear Throne is a super easy sell. We’d go as far to say that it’s one of the best entry points into the genre, easing players in gently before pushing and punishing them to progress. 

There’s a simple premise kicking around in this one. Shoot some bad guys, mutate a bit, run to the next level and rinse and repeat. It’s that loop which the whole roguelike/roguelite genres have worked for years, but Nuclear Throne succeeds in ensuring that rarely does it frustrate. 

Perhaps you may wish for a more complex visual style. But on the whole, we’d highly recommend a play of Nuclear Throne. It’s just a shame that this one is shifting out of the Game Pass service, but at least you can still grab it from the Xbox Store if you like. The £9.99 asking price is a steal. 

If you like a roguelike, this is an easy sell, but as Nuclear Throne eases you in gently, it’s also a damn good entry point if you want to try your luck with the genre for the first time. The graphical style won’t appeal to everyone, but the gameplay is the star here, and even if it is punishingly hard in the latter moments you’ll be having too much fun to care.” 

Surgeon Simulator 2 (Cloud, Console, PC)

Surgeon Simulator 2 launches into Game Pass as a Day One debutant back in 2021. We can’t say we were totally enamoured by it. 

A buggy launch and a high level of difficulty put us off Surgeon Simulator on Game Pass a little. But there were elements away from that which allowed it to shine a bit more. A variety of versus modes for instance, some custom games in which player imaginations could run wild. 

A 3/5 review score for Surgeon Simulator should mean this is one of those that we are fine with losing from Game Pass. Even more so if you’re a little bit squeamish. 

“If you have a short temper, are squeamish to the sight of blood, not the most dextrous person out there or just looking for a more relaxing experience though, it is best to check with your GP before playing.”

Tinykin (Cloud, Console, PC)

Another game that has been kicking around on Xbox and Game Pass for a year is Tinykin. And yet again it’s a game that we absolutely adored. In fact, it was like getting wrapped up in a warm blanket on a cold winter’s day. 

From the tinyBuild team, Tinykin places you in the shoes of little Milo. It’s he who rocks up on Earth to discover a world of immense proportions. Utilising powers from another planet, Milo is left to navigate through the world, collecting upgrades, uncovering secrets and meeting new folk. It’s a chilled old affair.

Perhaps we would have liked Tinykin to run a little longer than just a few hours in length. But at least that gives you just enough time to get a playthrough in before Tinykin is removed from the Game Pass service later today. 

“You’ll want to grab Tinykin – in doing so you’ll be able to enjoy a wonderful sci-fi adventure with some cool mechanics and top-notch platforming.”

What new games are coming to Game Pass?

There will be a host of new games joining the Game Pass service over the next few weeks. Obviously the big draw is going to be Starfield, but GRIS is also due to arrive on the service too. September will also see the Day One launch of Lies of P into Game Pass too. 

For now though, let us know which of the 6 games leaving Game Pass you’ll miss the most. Surely it’s Immortality?

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